trike partol discount

Looky looky who’s back! Why, it’s none other than Asian pussy monger extraordinaire, Johnny Tron! When we told him some of you over here at Trike Patrol were asking about him lately, he was more than happy to make an impromptu return to where he began his exhibitionist mongering journey. While he’s keeping pretty busy these days traveling all throughout Asia, he said that anytime he passes through the Philippines, he’ll be hopping back in the trike with us for at least a couple of rides. When it comes to John Tron and trike rides, most of them end up with sticky seminal globs of his splattered all over or up inside his unsuspecting female co-passengers. We’re sure that you’ll be just as glad as we are to have him popping his head(s) back into our sidecar here once in a while. For this week’s edition, John wastes no time on his first day back to Phils. Sure, he could’ve went patrolling the streets or malls, but he wanted to get right back to the Pinay pussy-whacking action, so he called on the ol’ social media network and looked up a previous babe he’d fucked on FB. You may recall this amply-breasted babe, Princess, from about 7 months ago when she and her cute friend Trixie comprised a dick-devouring duet for John’s personal perverted pleasure. Like most girls here with nothing to do, Princess came running like a lemming to a cliff once she heard John was back in town. The man is like the Pied Piper of Pinay Puki I tell ya, playing his magical skin flute to draw them in and then leaving behind a trail of dumbfounded, cum-stained girls in his wake. Princess was at his door within moments of his beckoning text, and had her glorious big brown tits out in his hands just seconds later. When you first arrive back here, there’s almost nothing on your mind other than blowing that first load. You can almost smell the pussy when you step off the airplane, and it’s calling you like an old friend wanting to revisit past mischief. Once again, you see the hot LBFMs on the plane, in the terminal and outside on the street and the urge to just go grab one and fuck the hell out of it is undeniable. So it’s extremely important to blow off that initial bit of steam upon arrival, and that’s precisely what Johnny did here in this episode with Princess. You’ll pretty much take the first warm hole that shows up at your door to get it out of your system. She’s a somewhat chubby girl, but sports a beautiful smile and do I even need to mention the hoots? An excellent example of Filipina breastage if there ever was one. Rotund, brown, firm, and with big dark nipples. Princess knew all too well why she was summoned and had her hands and lips wrapped around John’s well-traveled pecker in good order. After dining at her young trimmed Y a tad, John got back into the Philippines for real when he buried his patient pork-sword into her then moistened-up cooch. Some of the faces this girl makes as she’s getting’ it are a treat, haha. She turns around and rides in reverse cowgirl also, showing off her fairly nice round brown Filipina ass. A girl with that rare combo of ass and tits is always a nice thing to come upon. But the real treat, for us guys anyway, is unleashing that pecker-snot payoff. And what better place to spray it than on a girl’s awaiting, open-mouthed face? I’ve heard sex doctor types try to psycho-analyze it and say it has something to do with a male’s yearning for acceptance or that it’s a masochistic desire to degrade, but I have my own, less complex theory: It’s just fun, and there’s less chance of unwanted fertilization when it’s drippin’ down her cheek. (or the false accusation of it when you have video evidence she took it on the chin!) We’re glad you’re back in the Philippines, John; we know you are too!

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