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Recently, we’ve had a number of emails from members and expired members who’s critiques of our site here all had one thing in common. The shared sentiment has been in regards to variety. They all say the enjoy Trike Patrol and the lovely amateur Pinays we present, but were each left wanting to see us mix things up a bit more. This is totally understandable and we will certainly do our best, but the one unpredictable variable in all of it is, well, the girls. It’s like Forrest Gump said about a box of chocolates; You just never know what you’re gonna get. There’s no talent scouts or modeling agencies or porn-stars here my friends. These are your run-of-the-mill, every day Filipina girls found literally right off the streets in most cases. With that realness, comes some unpredictability in terms of sexual skills, attitudes and willingness’ to try some of the “different” things some of us want to see once in a while. Things like anal, threesomes, facials, load-swallowing, etc. If you know Filipinas, then you damn well know they can be some of the most prude women on the planet when it comes to that stuff, despite jumping in bed with you for a smile and a wink like you see here every week. Along with some of the stated desires for different sexual things, we also have heard urgings for different scenarios and situations. One critique was something to the effect of “all of the episodes look alike”. Well my friends, I think this week’s scene from Mr. X has got the “new scenario” base covered for ya’s. If you know Mr. X, patrolman of such episodes as Diana, The Cum Guzzler, Roseanne, The Manila Killah and Rain, The Quick Cock Study, then you know he doesn’t mess around. When it comes to slaying Pinay pookie on his yearly visits, he always goes for the jugular. This time, he decided to do just what people have been asking for, and try something different. While Thailand is the more famous destination for the “soapy” massage house experience, Mr. X decided to drop in at a place in Manila he heard about online and brought a mongering buddy along to film. There’s all types of places like this in the city, with varying formats. Unlike the “fishbowl” ones where you walk in and gaze through glass into a room full of beauties to pick from as your “massage girl”, this place X found was simpler. You just come in and pay at the front desk, and they lead you through a door to a hallway of rooms and tell you which one to knock on. Supposedly, if you don’t like what you see when the door opens, you can return to the front and ask to try another door. This wasn’t at all necessary once Mr. X saw what was behind door # 1. A hot, sassy looking piece of ass in a white silky nightie welcoming him right in for a session. Oh, that Filipina hospitality, so warm and inviting. Her name was Rorie, and she had that devilish look that let’s you know you’re in for a good time. Mr. X knows the drill of course, and got undressed after she led him to the bathroom for a “clean-up”. Rorie disrobed as well and revealed a spectacular lil’ body on her. Sporting a purple t-back panty which framed her beautifully-shaped ass just right. She directed him into the shower stall with her and began the clean-up session. There’s nothing quite like a hot ‘n soapy rub-down of your nether regions by the skillful hands of a sexy Asian babe you just met. Next, it was on to the tub where Rorie prepared the bubbles and jacuzzi jets for the real “soapy” massage action. She writhed and gyrated her fine ass body all over X’s, and caressed his back and front with her silky wet nipples and ass. A little cock-teasing with her tongue and dick-beaters, but that was all for the moment. Some sud-laced footy action took place also for those of you that might fancy it. Rorie worked him over with the soapy bubbles fizzing between her wandering fingers, and Mr. X’s then-awakened little dork was a clear sign of her effectiveness. It’s nice to see a true professional at work here, isn’t it. After that, they toweled off and headed to a dry-bed where she drizzled lotion all over his back and gave a nice slippery body-on-body massage. By this time in the routine, your relaxation and blood-flow are at a peak. Though, a good pint or two of your blood would now be between your legs if you are human and not a fag. After showing off her gorgeous shaved brown puki up-close, she rubbed some lotion on her lovely tits and nurtured X’s cock with them some more. Then, finally after all that teasing, she engulfed him with her wet mouth and began a true professional’s blow job. This is what it’s all about my friends. You just got off a long, tiresome flight from afar, went through the hot, stinky airport cues, got your luggage after another hour, and just minutes after checking in at your hotel and dropping off your bags, you visit a place like this and have your cock deservingly in a moist mouth after a relaxing and pleasurable soapy massage. The feeling of gratification and contentment is priceless. Rorie is no amateur, so when she sucks a dick, she does so with a purpose. That purpose was nothing but a glorious, ball-draining first nut of the vacation from our friend, Mr. X. These kinds of availabilities to experience are what visiting Asia is all about guys. You really have to try it to call yourself a true monger. Sure, it’s nice to do the social media hunting, poaching from the bars or even street mongering like we do, but man, these quick, on-location massage places are fantastic for blowing off some pent-up steam with no hassles, no hunting, no finicky bargirls, no dating site virgins wanting to marry you and no unpredictable freelancers. You just enter, you get a relaxing, pleasurable experience from a nice babe you’ll never have to see again, and you leave feeling fresher and cleaner than when you came in……er, well, cleaner on the outside anyway, hehe.

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