trike partol pictures

Finally, a day without some rain. I was hanging out in my hotel room chatting with some girls, and planning to go barhopping later, when I felt the need for fresh air so I went up to the rooftop to get some. Little did I know, I would find more than fresh air up there. When I got up top and had a look around, filming some of the busy late-afternoon traffic down below, I noticed someone else was up on the roof with me; a young girl, in a tight pink dress, leaning by the rail and intently looking down at the street below. I went over to her and said hello, and she said she was staying here at this hotel also, with her family. Her name was Shakira, 19 years old, but she talked and carried herself as a girl a bit older. 19 going on 40 maybe? She had this “rough” look about her, with her metal dental-work and all, but could be cute at the same time. I found her husky, confident sounding voice to be rather sexy actually. I asked if she’d allow me to take some photos of her, which she did. It become quickly evident this girl had a naughty side; I could see a certain look in her eye which told me so. We moved under some shelter a bit, and she allowed me to grab her nice bountiful breasts, then going further caressing the crevice between her legs. The next thing I knew, Shakira had my cock out and in her mouth. Talk about wherever, whenever! This girl must’ve had some kind of oral fixation. She was sucking my dick right there on the rooftop minutes after meeting me! And was rather skilled at it too I might add. Her wanton sexuality and fearlessness had me extremely horny right then. I just couldn’t resist turning her around, bending her over and fucking her doggy style right there, which she allowed me to do with zero resistance or hesitation. Waka waka, what an animal! I had to get this girl inside to my hotel bed before someone caught us up there. So we halted our coital coagulation momentarily to move this party behind closed doors. The heated exchange continued on immediately. Shakira enjoyed being fucked by my strange cock in such a satisfied and matter-of-fact manner that I could tell it’s probably something she makes a habit of. I didn’t let that thought slow me down one bit though, and you’ll see I continued to pound her wet pussy from every angle I could. Well, that is of course until I couldn’t fight off my bubbling hot load anymore. Which most of you will be happy to see, I pumped inside her vagina like a confectionery pastry pen filling up a cream-centered doughnut. The footage I captured of it dripping out of her gaping snatch like a half-melted ice-cream sandwich is downright awe-inspiring to say the least. Enjoy my primordial brush with this shameless she-wolf of a young woman, Shakira! It was a fun one!

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