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The hotels in this town see a whirlwind of pussy coming in and out of them at all hours of the day. Seriously, just sit in a hotel lobby here for 15 minutes and you’ll know what I mean. Bargirls coming from the bars hand in hand with their customers, camgirls, freelancers and internet girlfriends showing up and checking in at the front desk to meet their marks, and even steady gf’s and wives trying to track down their cheating money-ko’s. You’ll see it all. The exit traffic is just as good as the incoming sometimes. You’ll see the girls leaving with their disheveled or shower-wet hair, hastily re-applied make-up and that over-all “freshly-fucked” look about them. Sometimes, if you’re not the type who cares, you can even score a quick easy piece of “sloppy seconds”. Not just in the lobby, but also the hotel’s halls, internet rooms, restaurant and pool areas (if applicable); there’s pussy oozing everywhere it seems. At the very least, you should be able to poach some cell numbers without ever leaving the front door. This is exactly what our friend Tourist Bob did this week. He found a nice dark-skinned babe in his hotel’s courtyard area and she was kind enough to trade digits with him after a short chat. Her name was Ashley, a 22 yr old tongue-pierced sweetie from Olongapo. She hinted that she was there with a boyfriend but Bob didn’t press her on the issue much. As the saying goes here, when it comes to the girls, you don’t lose your girl, you just lose your turn. It didn’t take fortune-teller to figure out that Bob’s turn with this charming young LBFM was probably rather soon. Just how soon? How about later that same afternoon? These girls never miss a good opportunity when one presents itself like Bob here, boyfriend or money-ko(s) be damned. Ashley shows up at Bob’s room just a few hours later after some texting. This was a no-nonsense little tart if I ever saw one. Bob had her undressed and flicking her own clit for his cam within minutes of her arrival. You’ll probably agree Ashley’s petite brown-pink puki is a thing of beauty. Some vagina’s can be downright ugly looking, but this small-framed Pinay has a lovely one. She also has a spectacular tight brown spankable butt on the other side. And spank is just what Bob got to do a few moments later after Ashley serviced his cock with her mouth a bit. She mentioned her favorite positions were doggy and “on-top”, so Bob let her get some work in at both of those during the romp session. There was talk at the start that she might be a cum-swallower, and that would’ve been nice to see, but after his first load went on her chin, Bob ended up basting her fish-brisket with a steamy creaming that he caught flowing out when she sat up. Let’s hope he didn’t slip one past the goalie and ruin her for the next guys; a good easy LBFM is hard to find.

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