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She definitely has that look about her; they’re usually not super stunners, nor are they ever slim and fit. That big huge butterfly tat on her navel is another giveaway also. Still, Karen seemed like a reasonably nice girl to spend some time with, and Jonas was going to do just that and more. The “and more” came just moments later when Karen slipped into a sexy black meshy thing and wrapped her lips around Jonas’ ready waiting cock. After providing a good serving of brains for our European friend, Karen then mounted him with that butterfly-festooned pussy of hers facing the cam. The girl clearly enjoyed riding the pole more than most. It’s nice to love what you do for a living; you don’t even feel like you’re working. She turned around backwards and rode even harder in reverse cowgirl with her big full ass facing us. This was a fairly active fucking LBFM in the sack. It’s always better when they get into it like this. Karen backed dat ass up while Jonas plowed her from behind, and he even gave us some of the POV perspective in doing so. More reverse cowgirl with Karen riding even harder still and facing the cam so you can seen the penetration up into that naturally hairy pussy. Laying her on her back and stuffing away some more at that pudgy painted-up puki, Jonas unleashed the tides of DNA-dumplings up inside her for a healthy butterfly creampie. All Karen could do at that point was laugh and giggle about the sticky-icky goo bomb gurgling in her now gaping gunch. With that, it was off to the shower to hopefully wash it all away before germination set in. The last thing this nice gal probably needs is a half-Euro stepbrother for the other hungry mouth at home. Well, that and another turkey-sized growth in that stomach of hers. It would take a whole swarm of butterflies to cover that one up, haha.

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